Concept of Tolerance

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In today’s Religious and National Values class, we will be learning about Concept of Tolerance 

Concept of Tolerance 

Concept of Tolerance

The concept of tolerance teaches people the willingness to recognize and respect the beliefs or practices of others. And where there is tolerance, peace can be found. 

Peace is a comfortable condition of safety and quiet that results when there is no fighting or war and everything comes in complete peace and unity.

There are values that promote peace, some of which includes:

They are tolerance, co – operation, humility, forgiveness, moderation, honesty, patriotism, self control and so on. For us to promote and sustain peace in the society, we need to strengthen the components of peace which include: Tolerance: this is the acceptance of other people’s opinion and differences.

  • Tolerance: we should be willing to allow other people to express their own views and beliefs without criticising them or behaving as if we know everything.
  • Respect For Others: we should be carefull not to harm other people,or hurt their feelings. We must realise that we are all different,and whichever way we behave,we must respect other people’s feelings.
  • Cooperation: cooperation is working together to achieve something. A community cannot develop the place,people should learn to assist those in need of help.
  • Unity: coming together to do things,for the good of all in any society is very important. In a country like. Nigeria where there are so many ethnic groups,there is a great need for people to stick together,by coming together,we can develop the Nation.
  • Fairness: people should be treated fairly without being cheated. We should unjustly because of their religion, financial status, family background or ethnic group. We should be fair

In summary, in valuing peace, we should be careful not to harm other people, or hurt their feelings. 



What is Tolerance


Reading Assignment

Define Peace


Weekend Assignment

Identify five benefits of Tolerance


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