Inter Marriage

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Inter Marriage

Inter Marriage

A marriage between people of different religions, tribes, castes, ethnicities, or racial groups, as between a white person and a Black person or between a Christian and a Muslim, is called inter marriage.

Inter marriage rates are often used to measure the gap or social distance between groups. These marriages typically only occur in large numbers after a minority group has adopted the cultural patterns of the majority. 

Not only are inter-marriages reflective of ethnic acceptance among those in the marriage, but also they generate inter-ethnic union among family members, friends, and broader social networks which in turn results in further assimilation and acceptance. 

In summary, It is said that in Africa, inter-marriage helped the regions with higher levels of inter-ethnic marriages with lower levels of ethnic conflict. That is, inter-marriage promotes peace and acceptability. 



What is Marriage?


Reading Assignment

What is Inter Marriage?


Weekend Assignment

Give two examples of Inter Marriage 


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