Drug Supply And Trafficking

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Drug Supply and Trafficking 

Drug Supply And Trafficking

Drug trafficking is a widespread illegal business that involves the cultivation, production, distribution, and sale of controlled drugs.

A global black market dedicated to the cultivation, production, distribution, and sale of illegal drugs is known as drug supply and trafficking. 

In several countries, the illegal drug trade is thought to be directly linked to violent crimes such as murder and gun violence. This is especially true in all developing countries, but is also an issue for many developed countries worldwide

Since drug trafficking results in drug violence, it is caused by factors such as the economy, poor governments, and no authority within law enforcement.

Drug trafficking is a major source of revenue for organised crime groups,

Most of the factors are related to the demand for drugs, the supply of drugs, the way the two interact with each other.

The poverty level has forced many people or unemployed youths to engage in drug trafficking within and outside Nigeria.

Majority of the people involved in drug trafficking do not know the harm it would attract to them.

In summary, education and awareness programs can help to prevent drug trafficking by providing information about the dangers of drug use and the consequences of drug trafficking.

These programs can target young people, parents, and other community members to help reduce demand for drugs.



What do you understand by Drug Trafficking?


Reading Assignment

Identify any two dangers of drug trafficking 


Weekend Assignment

Give three ways drug trafficking can be stopped. 


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