External Influence on Nigerian Life

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In today’s Religious and National Values class, we will be learning about External Influence on Nigerian Life

External Influence on Nigerian Life 

External Influence on Nigerian Life

Our environment, encompassing both the physical surroundings and the people we interact with, plays a significant role in shaping our thoughts, actions, and decisions.

External Influence are those that stem from your surroundings. External Influence may include expectations from your family, friends, cultural or gender stereotypes and family responsibilities. These factors can influence decision-making in a positive or negative way.

We experience external influences and regulations in our everyday lives. 

When our parents shop, they have to pay a mandated sales tax. 

We can be refused service at a restaurant if we arrive without our shoes or our shirt. These are all small examples of how external factors influence our daily lives as Nigerians and the decisions we make. While external influences are sometimes outside of our control, they still influence us and create boundaries in which we need to operate. The same goes for organizations.

Peer pressure, a form of social influence, can also compel individuals to act against their original intentions.

In summary, the environment and the people around us possess significant influence over our thoughts, actions, and decisions. The power of social influence, peer pressure, environmental cues, and media influence of course cannot be underestimated.



What is External Influence?


Reading Assignment

Give two examples of external influence


Weekend Assignment

Identify two ways external factors influence Nigerian Life.  


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