Security Management

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Security Management 

Security Management

Security management covers all aspects of protecting an organization’s assets – including computers, people, buildings, and other assets – against risk.

A security management strategy begins by identifying these assets, developing and implementing policies and procedures for protecting them, and maintaining and maturing these programs over time.

The goal of security management procedures is to provide a foundation for an organization’s cybersecurity strategy. The information and procedures developed as part of security management processes will be used for data classification, risk management, and threat detection and response.

These procedures enable an organization to effectively identify potential threats to the organization’s assets, classify and categorize assets based on their importance to the organization, and to rate vulnerabilities based on their probability of exploitation and the potential impact to the organization.

In Security Management, many organizations have internal policies for managing access to data, but some industries have external standards and regulations as well.



What is Security Management?


Reading Assignment

What is the goal of Security Management?


Weekend Assignment

Identify five things Security Management ensures are protected. 


We hope you enjoyed today’s class. In our next class, we will be talking about Types of Security Management.

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