Influence of Working Parents on Family

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In today’s Religious and National Values class, we will be learning about Influence of Working Parents on the Family

Influence of Working Parents on the Family

Influence of Working Parents

Many parents cannot take good care of their children because they are at work most of the time. The children are either left at home with house-helps, or they are taken to day-care centers or playgroup houses.

In some rare cases, the children are taken to their grandparents homes or foster homes.

A foster home is a place where some people take care of children of other families, under certain conditions, for a number of years.

As a result, children of working parents may grow up without adequate care and attention, and may turn out to become depressed or wayward, because their parents were busy earning money at the time when they should have taken very good care of them.

Working class parents do not realize the consequence of their action until it’s late.

Some of the influence of working parents on family include:

1) They miss out on the growing up of their children.

2) Total/partial disconnection between parents and children. Since children don’t see their parents quite often, they turn to their peers for advice, which to some extent can be dangerous.

3) This can also lead to inability to perform well academically at school.



A parent consists of ………. and ………


Reading Assignment

Who is a working class parent?


Weekend Assignment

Identify any two consequences of working parents on the family. 


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