Causes of Ethnicity 

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In today’s Religious and National Values class, we will be talking about Causes of Ethnicity

Causes of Ethnicity

Causes of Ethnicity

Ethnicity is being loyal to a particular tribal group that speaks the same language or has the same culture or tradition. Ethnicity means preferring one’s ethnic group to other ethnic groups. It can also be regarded as tribalism. There are more than 250 ethnic groups in Nigeria and the prominent ones are:









Causes Of Ethnicity In Nigeria

  • Lack Of Access To Resources: people resort to ethnicity when they feel cheated in the allocation of resources. When people cannot get access to state resources, they turn back and mobilize ethnic groups.
  • Poverty: due to uneven distribution of resources in Nigeria, only few have access to them. Thus, this causes those who do not have such access to form groups to fight for them with hope that things will get better
  • Illiteracy: the inability to read and write in any local language causes ethnicity. This is because people who are literate can easily mobilize the illiterates for their own selfish interest.
  • Political strategy to win election: politicians fall back to their ethnic group to arouse ethnic consciousness when they see that they cannot win in competitive election

In summary, Ethnicity means preferring one’s ethnic group to other ethnic groups.


What is Ethnicity?


Reading Assignment

Mention three ethnic groups in Nigeria.


Weekend Assignment

Write any two causes of Ethnicity and explain.


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