Meaning of Road Accident 

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In today’s Religious and National Values class, we will be talking about Meaning of Road Accident 

Meaning of Road Accident 

Meaning of Road accident

Road accident is when an unfortunate, or unpleasant incident happens unexpectedly on the road that causes harm or injury.

Causes Of Road Accident

  1. Bad road
  1. Over speeding
  1. Bad weather
  1. Tiredness 
  1. Poor vehicle maintenance
  1. Bad state of vehicles
  1. Overloading

How To Remain Safe On The Road

  1. Drive carefully
  1. Make use of pedestrian crossing
  1. Do not drink and drive
  1. Prevent distraction when driving
  1. Avoid crossing in between vehicles.

In summary, an accident is what suddenly happens when one does not expect it and causes harm or damage.

Road is an open, public way for the passage of vehicles, people and animals.



What is an Accident?


Reading Assignment

How do you explain what a Road is?


Weekend Assignment

Identify five ways to avoid road accident.


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