Meaning of Danger

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In today’s Religious and National Values class, we will be talking about Meaning of Danger

Meaning of Danger 

Meaning of Danger

Have you ever heard someone being in danger, or perhaps you hear people say don’t talk to a stranger else you might be in danger?

What then is danger really?

Danger is the possibility that something harmful will happen.

People, animal, things or objects can cause harm.

However not all dangers are the same which is why we have different types of dangers. 

Type of Dangers

Now let’s take a look at danger one after the other:

  1. 1. Physical Danger– is the danger that can cause harm or pain to the body. Examples of physical danger include sleepy floor, wet floor, electricity, noise, radiation fire, heat etc.
  1. Emotional Danger– is danger that cause low self-confidence, inability to trust, fear, and shame. Loneliness, guilt, anger etc
  1. 3. Spiritual Danger– is a danger that is harmful and dangerous to people but not to the physical body or appearance.



What is Danger?


Reading Assignment

Mention three things that pit people in danger.


Weekend Assignment

Explain any two types of Dangers.


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