Problems And Solutions of Local Government 

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In today’s Religious and National Values class, we will be talking about Problems and Solutions of Local Government

Problems and Solutions of Local Government 

Problems and solutions of Local Government 

A local government is a body of people who controls public affairs of a nation at the local level. 

For instance, we cannot all go to the president’s office to make complaints about our environment or any changes we want in the community. However, having a local government allows us to have a sense of belonging. 

Through the local government, we are able to get our needs as a community met. 

Problems Of Local Government Include:

  1. Inadequate funds
  2. Corruption and mismanagement
  3. Limited authority and power
  4. Inability to maintain law and order.
  5. Lack of dedication to work

6.Inadequate maintenance of the existing infrastructure


Solutions To Problem Of Local Government

  • More money should be sent to local government to enable it to develop the communities.
  • Corrupt and lazy workers must be found out and punished by the government.
  • Local governments should get closer to the people and know their problems so that they  can solve them.
  • The activities of local government must be made known to the people so that the people can monitor their progress, and cooperate towards success.

In summary, local government is a body of people who controls public affairs of a nation at the local level.  They control the public affairs at the grass root.



What is local government?


Reading Assignment

How is a local government different from a state government?


Weekend Assignment

Identify three problems of a local government and three solutions.


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