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In today’s class, we will be talking about Civic Education. Enjoy the class!


Civic education is the study of how decision are made, issues that are important to the public and the right and responsibilities of the citizen

The purpose of civic education

  1. To encourage citizens to participate fully in politics
  2. It provides youth basic knowledge of governance and politics
  3. To help students learn more about their obligations, rights and civic duties
  4. It helps students to learn more about the constitution of their country.


A citizen is a person who belongs to a place or country by birth. A citizen of a Nigeria is called a NIGERIAN.

The following are the duties of a citizen of Nigeria

  1. He/she must respect and obey federal, state and local laws
  2. He/ she must pay taxes
  3. He/ she must participate in community development.
  4. A good citizen must be responsible for his/ her actions
  5. A good citizen must always tell the truth
  6. A good citizen must be morally right.
  7. A good citizen must treat others how he/she wants to treated.


  1. One who belongs to a country by birth is called a —————
  2. Mention 3 duties of a good citizen

a.                                                                     b.                                                                 c.

  1. Are you a citizen of Nigeria?


In our next class, we will be talking about Nigeria past heroes and heroines I: Mary Slessors. We hope you enjoyed the class?

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