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Storage means keeping things for future use. Food is stored by almost every human society and y many animals. Storage of food is important for the family and also for the society.

In the past, we stored food items by drying the item in the sun or over a fire. Now we can also store them by canning and by cooling in the refrigerator. Other ways of storage include salting, bagging, sealing and even cooking.

Items for storage Old method of storage New method of storage
Meat Drying, smoking and cooking Refrigeration
Fish Drying, cooking and smoking Refrigeration
Yam, potatoes Stacking in barns, cutting and drying Stacking
Grains Drying and storing in barns Drying, storing in silo ad bagging
Vegetables Cooking, sealing Refrigeration, canning.

Storage facilities

Barn: An agricultural building used for storage


Silo: A structure used for storing grain like rice and maize


Why do we store?

We store things so we can use them later. We also store things to keep them fresh.

Other reasons why we store things are:

  1. To prepare for periods of famine
  2. To take advantage of surplus of food at harvest time
  3. To prepare for special events and celebrations.
  4. To plan for emergencies
  5. To protect against pests like ants, cockroaches and rats.

Things we store

  1. We store perishables to keep them fresh for when we need them. Perishables includes fish, vegetables, milk, tomatoes and meat.
  2. We also store grains to protect them from moisture and pest attack.
  3. We must store things properly or else they will get spoilt.


  1. Mention two things we can store in a silo   a) ———————————           b) ——————————–
  2. Mention two things we can store in a refrigerator  a) ———————————–     b) ———————————-


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