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In today’s class, we will be talking about Transportation. Enjoy the class!


Transportation is the movement of people, goods and services from one place to another.

In the past, people moved from one place to another on foot, or rode on horses, camels or donkeys.


Camel                                                                                        Donkey

Today, there are many ways to get around. These different ways of moving around are called means of transportation.

Transportation can be by land, sea or air. Buses, cars and trucks travel on land. They have engine that use petrol. Some cars and trucks run on diesel.


Ship                                                                                                                                     Buses


Airplane                                                                                                                Cars

Petrol and diesel are types of fuel. Fuel is material that is burned to produce energy. The energy makes the vehicles move.

Advantages of modern means of transportation

  1. It is easier to move from place to another
  2. It is more convenient
  3. More people and things are transported.
  4. Movement from one place to the other is faster.

Sometimes the means of transportation do not function well as we want them to perform. This is due to some problems. These problems include:

  1. Cost: it is always very expensive to buy an Airplane which is the fastest means of transportation and that can carry large number of people at once.
  2. Poor Maintenance: when the facilitated for the means of transportation are not maintained regularly and adequately, there will be a problem.
  3. There is no adequate supervision and regulation of the means of transportation by the government.
  4. When facilities like roads are not adequately taken care of, and even the rail lines. There will be accidents and at times it will be difficult to transport goods and services.

How to solve problems of transportation

  1. Maintaining transportation facilities like roads, rail lines, seaport, airport, etc.
  2. Supervision of the use of transportation facilities by government
  3. Using good and sound means of transportation
  4. Educating users on the need to obey rules and regulations.


  1. What is transportation
  2. List the olden days means of transportation
  3. What are the modern means of transportation
  4. List any two problems of transportation you know.


In our next class, we will be talking about Technology in the home. We hope you enjoyed the class?

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