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Adornments are cultural items used by people to beautify themselves. Popular items of adornment in Nigeria include beads, chains and rings. Sometimes adornments are worn not only for their beauty, traditional practices and religion often play a major part in the adornment of jewelry. Some types of adornments are worn for a particular reason, ranging from ceremonial practice to the identity of a group. Some materials used in the making of adornments include animal skin and bones, ceramic, cloth, coral, glass, ivory, metal, rock and wood.


Nigerians worship God in different ways.  There are three different types of Religions in Nigeria: These are:

Islam: some people worship God the Muslim way. Muslims practice Islam, the mosque is where Muslims worship God. Muslims read the Holy Quaran. An Imam teaches Muslims about God and the Quaran.

Muslims worship in the mosque on Fridays. Their service is led by an Imam. They pray during their worship. It is compulsory for a good Muslim to pray five times everyday apart from the Friday worship and also to observe the Ramadan fasting.

Muslims praying in the mosque

Christianity:  Some people worship God in the Christian way. The church is where Christians worship God. Christians read the Holy Bible. The Bible is the most important book for Christians. Their service is usually led by the pastor or reverend. Generally, Christians worship in the church on Sundays but the Seventh Day Adventist dot heir worship on Saturdays. Christian have two important celebration: Christmas and Easter.

Praying Christians

Traditional Worship

Some people worship gods in traditional ways. Different ethnic groups have different ways of traditional worship. Yoruba traditional worshippers worship Sango (the god of thunder), Osun (the god of fertility) and Ogun ( the god of iron)

Igbo traditional worshippers worship the spirit of their ancestors. They also worship Amadioha, who is the Igbo god of thunder.

All traditional worshipers’ worship in a shrine.


  1. The person who leads worship in Christian is a ————–
  2. What days do Christians and Muslims worship during the week? ——————–, ——————–
  3. Am the two places of worship you know around your house.

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