Welcome to class, I hope you enjoyed the last class. Today we will be talking about drugs. Follow me closely and you will understand what we are about to talk about.

Drugs are chemicals or substances that change the way our bodies work. They are the medical substances that we take into our bodies to cure us of illness and diseases.

Identifying Common Drugs

There are some drugs that are commonly used. They are used to cure common illnesses such as headaches, stomachache, malaria fever, cold catarrh, etc. Examples of such drugs are Asprin, Paracetamol, Phensic, Panadol, Benylin Syrup, Procold, etc. We also have traditional drugs such as lemongrass, honey, and other type of herbs that people use as drugs to cure illnesses. Some drugs also come in the form of injection. We take this into our body by injecting it through syringe and needle. Some are in the form of powder and balm. They all help us to get well. However, these drugs can be grouped into two. They are:

  • Synthetic Drug: These are chemical drugs made by man.
  • Natural Drug: It is an herbal concoction.

Other drugs that people take

Apart from the drugs that people take to make us well when we are ill, there are other types of drugs. Some people take substances such as Indian hemp, cocaine, heroin, etc. These are called hard drugs. Indian hemp is in the form of herb (dry leaves) while others are in powder form. People who use these drugs behave in abnormal ways. Some of them are inhaled through the nostril while some are injected into the body.


we have come to the end of today’s class. If you have any question ask using the comment. Thank you for following me.

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