How To Avoid Road Accident 

Welcome to class, I hope you enjoyed the last class. Today we will be talking about how to avoid road accidents. Follow me closely and you will understand what we are about to talk about.

The following are ways to avoid accidents:

  • Maintaining our roads properly.
  • Careful driving.
  • Obeying traffic rules and regulations.
  • Introduce the speed limit method.
  • Punishing violators of traffic rules and regulations.
  • Drivers should not drink alcohol before or while driving.
  • Good monitoring and use of alcohol detective device.
  • Drivers must be tested before they are given their driving licences.
  • Provision of good roads and bridges.
  • Repair of bad roads and bridges.
  • Vehicles that are not road worthy should not be allowed on the road.
  • Faulty vehicles should be removed from the roads as soon as possible.
  • Enlightenment campaign/seminars and workshops for drivers.

we have come to the end of today’s class. If you have any question ask using the comment. Thank you for following me.




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