Function/Benefit Of Marriage

Welcome to class, today we will be talking about the function/benefit Of marriage.  Enjoy as you follow me.

The following are functions of marriage. These are

  • Procreation
  • Companionship
  • Regulation of sex life
  • It fosters unity
  • Provide economic cooperation
  • At social solidarity
  • contributes to the emotional and intellectual interstimulation of the partners
  • Provides economic cooperation
  • Leads to the establishment of family

Benefits of Marriage

Marriage has several benefits or advantages. These are:

Economic benefits

  • It helps to reduce wastage in spending.
  • It informs better responsibility.
  • The couple achieve more together

Social benefits

  • They enjoy long life when genuine love is expressed.
  • It expands family to reach as both couple extend relationship ti in-laws and friends.
  • It serves as a foundation for responsible parenting.

Legal benefits

  • Couples are protected by law.
  • The couple enjoy national privileges and recognition allowed by all existing laws.
  • It provides better recognition when processing a travel documents.

Spiritual benefits

  • They are never at risk of committing sin.
  • They enjoy God’s favour and blessings.

i hope you enjoyed the class, if you have another question ask using the comment section. Thank you for your time. See you in next class

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