Duties of Community Leaders and Examples


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Duties of Community Leaders and Examples

Duties of Community Leaders and Examples

Community leaders are very important people in our towns and villages. They help make sure everything runs smoothly and everyone is happy and safe.

Who Are Community Leaders?

Community leaders can be chiefs, elders, or other respected people in our community. They have different jobs to do to help all of us.

 What Do Community Leaders Do?

  1. Settle Disputes: They help solve arguments between people so that everyone can live together peacefully.
  2. Ensure Safety: They work to make sure our community is a safe place to live, play, and learn.
  3. Link with the Government: They talk to the government to get things our community needs, like schools and hospitals.
  4. Community Development: They plan and start projects to make our community better, like building roads and parks. 
  5. Train the Young Ones: They teach us about our culture and how to be good members of the community.

Examples of Community Leaders

Duties of Community Leaders and Examples

Chiefs: Like the Oba in Yoruba or the Eze in Igbo, they lead the community and make big decisions.

Elders: They are wise and help the chief make good choices.

Youth Leaders: They represent the young people and make sure their voices are heard.

Community leaders have a big job to do. They help keep us safe, solve problems, and make our community a great place to live!

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Question Time:

  1. Who are community leaders and why are they important?
  2. What are some of the duties that community leaders perform?
  3. Can you name a community leader in your area and one duty they have?
  4. Why do community leaders settle disputes among people?
  5. How do community leaders help with the development of the community?
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