Types of Community

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Types of Community

Types of community

As we have learned in previous class, a community is like a big group where people live, work, play, and help each other. It’s like a team, but instead of playing a game, everyone works together to make life better and happier.

Different Types of Communities

There are many kinds of communities, but we’ll talk about three main types:

  1. Traditional Communities: These are usually small, like a village or a town where people know each other well. They often have their own rules and ways of doing things, and they usually share the same language and traditions.
  1. Modern Communities: These are bigger and can be found in cities where lots of different people live. They might speak different languages and have different jobs, but they all live in the same place.
  1. School Community: This is the community you’re a part of every day! It includes all the students, teachers, and staff at your school. You learn and play together, and help each other grow.

 Fun Facts

– Urban Communities: These are very big communities with lots of buildings and people, like Lagos or Abuja.

– Suburban Communities: These are near big cities but have more houses with gardens, and it’s not as busy as urban communities.

– Rural Communities: These are in the countryside, with farms and lots of open space. You might see more animals here!

Why Communities are Important

Communities are important because they help us:

– Make friends and meet new people.

– Learn how to work together.

– Take care of each other and the place we live.

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In the next class, we shall be discussing Our physical environment.

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Activity Time!

Draw a picture of your community. Show where you live, your school, and where you like to play. Don’t forget to add all the people who make your community special!

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