Meaning of a Community?

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Meaning of a Community?

A big family

Meaning of a Community?

Think of a community as a big family where people live together, play together, and help each other. Just like your family at home, but bigger!

People with Something in Common

A community is a group of people who share something in common. It could be the place they live, like a neighborhood or town, or things they like to do, like playing soccer or reading books.

Different Kinds of Communities

– Neighborhood: People living in the same area, like on your street or in your apartment building.

– School: All the students, teachers, and staff at your school make up a school community.

– Clubs: If you’re part of a sports team, a dance class, or a book club, that’s a community too!

 Why Communities are Great

– Making Friends: In a community, you can make lots of friends who like the same things you do.

– Learning New Things: Communities help us learn from each other and try new things.

– Helping Out: When someone needs help, like carrying groceries or fixing a bike, people in a community lend a hand.

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In the next class, we shall be discussing Types of community.

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Class Activity:

Draw a picture of your community. It could be your classroom, your sports team, or your whole neighborhood. Show all the different people and what they do!

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