Farm records (contd) Types of farm records

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As we manage our poultry, it is important that we keep records. Keeping records ensures that things are moving on well. The record will help us quickly sport out any issue when they happen. The chicken records to be kept will depend on the type of chickens being reared. Below are some of the records that should be kept:

  1. Farm diary: This is a record of day to day records of everything that happens in a farm. Farm inventory:


  1. Inventory records:Farm inventory: A record of all asset owned by the farmers and the cash values of the item e.g land, equipment, crops in the farm and in storage. 


  1. Input records: This is a record of all the items in running the farm during the years, it’s used in calculating the farm profit


  1. Production Records: A record of all items produced in the farm, it enables the farmers to know which projects are more profitable.


  1. Labour Diary: This is a records of day to day work done on the farm,it’s uses to determine the work done, amount of labour expended and the cost at the end of each operation


  1. Sales records: A records of all products sold by the farmer e.g eggs,yam,goat etc

Consumption records: A record of all farm product consumed by the farmer and his 



Importance Of Farm Records

  1. Farm records enable the farmer to make proper return to the boards of internal revenue for correct tax assessment
  2. It provides the farmers with the clear idea of how much money is coming in and how much it is wise to spend
  3. It enables the farmers to know whether he is making profit or loss
  4. It helps the farmer to obtain loans and subsides from government
  5. It helps the farmers to make budgets and plan his business
  6. It enables the farmers to make good management and decision




  1. List six types of records that should be kept in the farm
  2. State three importance of keeping records

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