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Meaning of agriculture

Agriculture is one of the oldest and most important occupations of mankind. It is the practice of growing crops and rearing animals for food and raw materials for

man’s use. It also includes many other aspects of production, such as processing of harvested crops into food and raw materials; processing of animals into food and raw materials and marketing of processed crops and animals. The meaning of agriculture as cultivation of land is derived from two latin words: ager – meaning land and cultura – meaning land cultivation. Agriculture involves different types of farming practices, such as land preparation, nursery making, establishment of plantations, control of pests and diseases, plant breeding, control of weeds and harvesting.



  1. What is Agriculture?
  2. Mention some agricultural practices in your town


Growing of crops

Agriculture entails growing of crops. Crops are plant or animal products that can be grown and harvested extensively for profit or subsistence. In Nigeria different crop plants are grown for profits. Examples are cocoa, vegetables of all kinds, tomatoes, pepper, kolanut etc.

Farmers use different farming methods. Some use traditional farming method while others use mechanised farming system. Mechanised farming involves the use of tractors and heavy machines. Farmers prepare the land by clearing and  tiling it. After which they make beds or ridges then then plant. They take care of the cultivated crops by weeding and keeping it free of pests. They also add fertilizers and manure for the healthy growth of the crops.


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