Sign of ill – health in chicken (poultry contd)

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Keeping or maintaining a healthy poultry is very important. It determines the quality and quantity of harvest derived at the end of the day.


Vitamins are given to all breeds and types of chickens in the form of vegetables or

additives. Every category of chicken should be fed with the appropriate type of feed and vitamins regularly.


Health Care Of Chickens

Good management helps to prevent occurrence of diseases and attack of pests on chickens. The following activities are carried out for a proper health care of chickens:

  1. Remove and isolate sick chickens from the flock.
  2. Bury all dead chickens.
  3. Get the deep litter house ready, fumigate it and leave it for a few days before    stocking.
  4. Provide adequate heating in the brooder house for chicks, especiallyin cold periods.
  5. Provide disinfected foot mats at the entrance of the chicken house.
  6. Wear protective footwears before entering the chicken house.
  7. Remove poultry waste in the chicken house regularly to avoid infection.
  8. Clean food and water troughs regularly.
  1. Consult a veterinary doctor for

routine inoculation and other health


  1. Sign Of ill – Health In Chicken

-Roughened feathers

-Discharge from nostril

-Muscorish discharge


Loss of appetite

Reduction in egg production among layers

Retarded growth

Chicken huddles together and droops as if the birds are feeling cold.

Birds standing with their eyes closed

Presence of stores on wattles and combs



  1. Mention five ways to maintain the health of our poultry
  2. List five signs that shows that the birds are ill or not feeling well

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