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Agriculture in any country is a huge industry. Many people play various roles and carry out varieties of activity in order to achieve the global goal of having adequate food supply for the populace.

In this study, we want to look at the various people in agriculture and the important role they play.

  1. Producers

There are three main categories of producers, they are crop farmers, animal rearers and fishermen.

Crop farmers are the farmers who grow crops such as yam, rice, maize, cowpea, sorghum and millet.

Farmers that rear animals such as cattle, sheep, goats and pigs are the animal rearers. Fishermen are those who are involved in the production of fish. All these producers sell their produce to make money.

  1. Processors

These people buy farm produce from farmers or wholesalers and process them into finished and consumable forms. For example, cassava tubers may be bought and processed into garri. Plantain is processed into plantain chips. Corn is processed into cornflakes etc



  1. Can you describe what is happening in the pictures above
  2. Mention other farm produce and what they are processed into.
  3. Market people (Marketers): These are basically the people that buy products from producers or processors and sell them to consumers. Some companies are also involved in marketing. They buy from producers, add a little money to it as profit and sell to consumers.
  4. Teachers of agriculture: These are people who have been trained to train producers, processors and marketers to enable them to make progress in agriculture. Teaching of agriculture begins at the primary level and continues at the secondary level. Some people end up studying agricultural science at the tertiary level of education. Outside of the four walls of the classroom those in agriculture still acquire knowledge by attending trainings and seminars to gain new knowledge and also we can also read about new discoveries.
  5. Extension agents: These are individuals who have been trained to help farmers to solve their farming problems. They also teach farmers new methods of farming.
  6. Researchers: These are people who have been trained to investigate problems of agriculture and find solutions to them through scientific processes. They carry out research with the aim of preferring solutions to problems. Eg. They developed improved seeds to solve the problems of poor harvest and pests infestation.





These are the people who carry information about development in agriculture and those involved in industrial production to the general public through the media, e.g. newspapers, radio and television. They give feedback to the public on developments in agriculture and also give reports or information to the farmers about government policies and regulations as it concerns them.


 Veterinary doctors

These people hold important positions in the value chain. These are people who are trained to cater for animal health. They treat animals that are sick, ensuring that animals are kept in good shape so that they can keep making healthy products



  1. Mention five types of profession related to agriculture.
  2. State the work of each of the professions mentioned above.



  1. Explain the role of the following in Agriculture
  1. Agricultural science Teachers
  2. Producers
  3. Marketers
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