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Agriculture is important to man in many ways. It provides man with food, shelter, clothing, money or income, employment or job, raw materials, medicine, foreign

exchange and recreation.

In today’s lesson, we shall be looking at a few of them.


Agriculture provides food for people.Food can be obtained from crops and animals.

Food gives man the energy required to perform his daily activities. Examples of food materials from crops and their by-products are yam, rice and maize. Food materials from animals include meat, eggs and milk.



Agriculture provides materials for building houses. Such materials include forest wood from timber, bamboo, thatch from grass and palm fronds, and leaves.



The material used for making the clothes we wear, i.e. cotton comes from plants. Hides and skins, which are used to make our shoes and bags, come from. animals. Wool, also from animals, is used to make winter suits and wears. All these are products of agriculture.


Sheep being sheared for wool                                                                  hides and skin from animals


  1. Look at the two pictures above
  2. What can we do with the wool obtained from the first picture?
  3. In the second picture, you have hides and skin. What do we make with hides and skin.



Sales of agricultural products are a source of money and income to farmers for meeting their daily needs and expenses.



Agriculture provides many people with work or employment through which they earn money for a living. Apart from the farmers, many people do work that has to do with agriculture. A good example is your agriculture teacher.


Raw materials

Agriculture provides some industries with the raw materials that they process into goods for consumers, e.g. cocoa for the beverage industries. Many parts of plants, e.g. roots, leaves and barks are medicinal herbs which people use to treat many diseases. Agriculture provides opportunities to have botanical gardens, zoological gardens and horse racing games. Huge revenues can also be generated from some of these centres, especially from foreigners who visit.




  1. List four benefits of agriculture to man and his society.
  2. Mention some crops and the raw materials obtained from them



  1. List and explain three importance of Agriculture.



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