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In the last lesson, we learnt pre and post planting activities that are carried out in crop production.

In this lesson we will take up some practical steps.


  • Can you identify the plant in the picture below?
  • Can you mention some other products obtained from it?




How to Grow Maize

Step 1: Select good seeds for planting.

Step 2: Obtain a 30cm stick for measuring planting distances.

Step 3: Measure 30 cm on the side of the ridge. Dig a hole 5 cm deep and drop 2 to 3 maize seeds inside it. Cover the hole up with soil. Continue in the same manner

until the ridge is completely planted. On flats, the distance should be 30 cm on

rows, 90 cm apart.

Step 4: After two weeks, inspect for germination and supply new seedlings where necessary.

Step 5: Thin down the seedlings to two best seedlings per stand three weeks after planting.

Step 6: Apply Nitrogen-Phosphorus Potassium (NPK) fertilizer.

Step 7: Remove weeds four weeks after germination and remould the ridges.

Step 8: Do a second weeding eight weeks after planting or four weeks after the first   weeding.

Step 9: Inspect the farm for maturity 13 – 15 weeks after planting, depending on

the variety of seeds planted.

Step 10: Harvest the maize fresh or dry.



  1. Describe the steps taken in the planting of maize.
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