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The rearing of animals is defined as animals raised or bred for their use, or for pleasure or for profit, oftentimes they are raised for food. This branch of Agriculture is called Animal husbandry.




  1. Mention some farm animals and the products obtained from them that can be sold for profits.

ANIMALS AND THE Products Obtained From them


  Animal Products Obtained
1 Cattle(Cow) Meat (Beef) milk, cheese, hides and skin
2 Goat Meat(chevon), milk, cheese,
3 sheep Meat (Mutton) wool, hides and skin
4 Fowl Meat (chicken), egg,



  1. Mention three more farm animals and the products that are obtained from them.


Selling Agricultural Products for Profit

As we have stated before now, farm animals are reared majorly for business or profit purposes. In selling their agricultural products, farmers are not only making money for themselves, they also make enough food available for the society. During the time of farming, because they are producing in large quantities, they will need other people to help out. In doing this they have provided jobs or employment opportunities for other people.



  1. Discuss the benefits of farming and selling agricultural products.
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