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In the last lesson we looked at some of the importance of Agriculture to man. Importance such as provision of food, shelter and money. We also saw that Agriculture is important in the manufacturing of clothes and the provision of raw materials which is also used to make other products

In today’ lesson, we will look at other importance of Agriculture to us.


Many parts of plants, e.g. roots, leaves and barks are medicinal herbs which

people use to treat many diseases, boiling, crushing or rubbing them.

Materials from plants are also used to make modern drugs, e.g. tablets.

Foreign exchange

Agriculture is a source of foreign exchange. This is made possible through crops that are sold to other countries as exports, e.g. timber and cocoa, groundnut etc


Agriculture is a source of amusement. For instance, parks and resort centres which provide  pleasure and relaxation centres for people are built with plants. Also  through game reserves, tourist centres, etc botanical gardens, zoological gardens and horse racing shows..Huge revenues can also be generated from some of these centres, especially from foreigners who visit.



  1. Identify the recreational centres shown in the picture above.
  2. List the items in these pictures that are products of Agriculture.

Transportation: Agriculture is important in the area of transport as some animals were used to transport but human and goods. They were called beast of burden. Examples are horses, camels and donkeys. They were also used in ancient times to plow field eg oxen.



Sports and Races:

Some animals are reared to be used for sports, races or for circus. Eg horses.



Animals like dogs are used in homes for security purposes or as service animals. They are also used by security officials to carry out the investigative and security duties. Eg dogs. Some are reared as pets. Eg cats, dogs etc



  1. Mention four importance of Agriculture to us in the society.
  2. In the area of transport, how important are farm some animals.


Explain the importance of Agriculture in the following areas

  1. Security
  2. Sports
  3. Medicine.
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