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Most of the graphic packages possess the following features and tools.

  1. Menu bar:

The menu bar can be used to activate commands of graphic packages and operations. Depending on the graphic package you are using, some packages contain the following. File, edit, view, text, tools, window, help, etc.


  1. Toolbar:

The toolbar is a bar that contains short cuts to menu and other commands. For example, you can use the “open” icon to open an existing document by clicking on it. Others are: save, print, cut, copy, paste, alignment, bold italics, underline etc.


  1. Toolbox:

A toolbox is a bar with tools for creating, filling and modifying objects in the drawing


  1. Printable area:

The workspace inside the drawing window, which you can plan your work on can be referred to as Printable area.


  1. Colour palette:

It is a bar that allows you to fill desired objects or texts with any colour you want.

features of computer packages computer science classnotesng



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In our next class, we will be talking about Graphic Packages – Paint. We are very much eager to meet you there.


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