Homemade Polish II

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Uses of homemade polish

  • Kerosene and turpentine: For polishing wooden furniture e.g. chair, table, cupboard, shelves, cloth, poles.
  • It makes the furniture looks neat and beautiful
  • It makes it last longer.

Homemade cleaning agents are materials used for cleaning the household articles and equipment.


Types of homemade cleaning agents

  • Paw-paw leaves
  • Fine sand
  • Pine apple leaves
  • Detergent
  • Egg shell
  • Wood ash
  • Lime
  • Salt


Uses of homemade cleaning agents

  • Paw-paw leaves: For washing galvanized iron
  • Fine sand: For washing pot and bucket
  • Egg shell: For washing the back of pot
  • Wood ash: For washing bucket, tray, cup etc.
  • Detergent: For washing articles e.g. clothes, plates etc.



  1. What is Homemade polish?
  2. Mane six wooden furniture you have in your house.
  3. State three uses of homemade polish.
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