Household Pests II


Let us learn how to deal with the very annoying household pests around our houses. 



Household pests are animals and insects that live in the house. They are harmful insects and animals. They are dangerous to health. They often carry diseases. They are commonly found in dirty houses and surroundings e.g. rats, cockroaches etc.

Several activities can be done to reduce or prevent them in the home.

Prevention of Household Pest

  • Maintain good hygiene
  • Keep the house properly ventilated and lit
  • Dispose house hold refuse promptly and properly
  • Destroy all possible breeding and hiding spaces for mosquitoes and other pests.
  • Store and cover food properly
  • Pour boiling water in the sink from time to time.
  • Keep toilet clean and disinfected
  • Cutting bushes around the house regularly.


Destruction of House hold Pests

  • Avoid leaving stagnant water in broken cans bottles and pots around the house.
  • Cover all holes, cracks or spaces that are likely hidden places for rats, insects and other pests.
  • Put mosquitoes netting screen over windows and doors.
  • Spray the house with suitable insecticides



  1. Write ten house hold pest you know.
  2. List five breeding places of house hold pests.
  3. List three ways house hold pest can be destroyed.
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