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A sewing machine is an equipment used for sewing clothes and garments at home and for commercial purposes. The sewing machine is a major sewing equipment.

Types of Sewing Machines

There are different types and makes of sewing machines. However, all sewing machines are basically similar in. They may differ in type of number of stitches they make. The following are the types of sewing machines:

  • Hand Sewing Machines: This is simple. It is operated just with hand. It requires to be placed on a table.
  • Treadle Sewing Machine: This is operated with the feet. The worker has both hands free for guiding the work. It normally has a special stand.
  • Electric Sewing Machine: This is operated with the aid of an electric motor. Some hand and treadle machines could easily be converted to electric sewing machine by using the electric motor.

Parts of a Sewing Machine

  • Balance wheel: It is turned either forward or backward to make the machine sew. It raises and lowers the needle.
  • Presser foot: It holds the fabric firmly in place for stitching.
  • Presser foot lifter: It is used to raise and lower the presser foot. It is at the back of the machine.
  • Feed-dog: It holds the fabric tight against the presser foot. It pulls the fabric along for stitching as it moves up and down. It is a teeth-like piece of metal just under the presser foot. It works up and down through the dots in the throat-plate.
  • Throat plate: It provided dots or opening through which the needle projects downward and the feed-dog upward.
  • Spool pin: This hold the spool of the thread.
  • Thread guides: This supports the thread from one part of the machine to another. They prevent the thread from twisting.
  • Needle clamp: It is an attachment for the needle.
  • Stitch regulator: It is used for shortening or lengthen the stitches or the machine.
  • Tension disc: It regulates the tightness of the thread as it forms the stitch.
  • Stop motion crew: This is loosened to disconnect the needle and stop it from moving when the machine is operated. It is at the balance wheel.
  • Bobbin: It is used for winding the thread which goes in the lower part of the machine.
  • Bobbin case: It is the case that holds the bobbin.

Advantages of Sewing Machines

  • It makes the work to be faster.
  • Labour and time is saved.
  • Neater, stronger, and lasting work is done
  • It can last for a lifetime if handled carefully.


  1. What is a sewing machine?
  2. State the three types of sewing machine.
  3. Mention two advantages of sewing machine

List five parts of a sewing machine and their functions.


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