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Good eating habits are essential to help food digest well and prevent accidents at meal.

The following are good eating habits.

  • Sit up and do not bend over meals.
  • Wash your hands before and after eating.
  • Do not eat hurriedly and greedily, put little food in your mouth.
  • Chew food very well and with mouth closed.
  • Do not talk when food is in your mouth.
  • Ask people to politely pass something to you, do not cross over their food.
  • Eat three balanced meals each day
  • Always be polite when eating or serving others.
  • Do not take food directly from the serving dish into your mouth, except with traditional service.
  • Do not stretch your hands over someone’s food in order to reach for salt, water, etc
  • Avoid picking your teeth with your finger nails. Use tooth pick decently.

How to receive and Entertain Guests

Guests are friends or people who visits us.

Ways of Giving Guests Warm Reception

  • Be ready to meet them as they come in.
  • Welcome them cheerfully with smiles, shake their hands or embrace them.
  • Offer them seats in a comfortable and neat place.
  • Introduce them to your parents, other relatives, and friends.
  • Keep them busy by discussing with them, telling stories and watching TV programmes, etc.
  • Entertain the guests with some refreshments or food like fried plantain, meat pie, queen cake, groundnut, biscuits and drinks like minerals, malt, ice-cream, zobo, fruit juice, etc.

How to Serve Guests

  • Food and drinks should be served neatly and attractively.
  • Clean plates and tray should be used.
  • Clean glass cups or straws should be used for drinks.


  1. Why is good eating habit important?
  2. Mention five good eating habit.
  3. Who are guests?
  4. Mention three ways of giving guests good reception.
  5. Describe how to serve guests.
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