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As earlier noted above, one of the signs of puberty in girls is that blood flows through the vagina for some days. The flow of blood from the vagina is called menstruation.

The following hygiene practices are very important during menstruation.

  • A girl must keep herself and dress clean during this period.
  • A girl should use a good absorbable sanitary pad to prevent her dress from blood stain.
  • She must change the sanitary pad regularly.
  • She should at least take her bath twice a day.
  • She should wash immediately any stained pants and dresses.

Body Odour

A clean body is expected to be odourless. Body odour is therefore an unpleasant smell that comes from the body.

Causes of Body Odour

  • Poor hygiene during menstruation
  • Accumulation of dirt on the body
  • Stale perspiration
  • Failure to have bath regularly
  • Wearing dirty clothes
  • Using of body care products such as soap, cream, etc, that smells badly.

Prevention of Body Odour

  • Bathing regularly especially during the menstrual period and after exercises.
  • Observe good menstrual hygiene practices.
  • Wear clean clothes
  • Change your underwear’s everyday
  • Use good perfumes and deodorants sparingly. Avoid heavy perfumes.
  • Not using perfumes to cover unpleasant ordour.
  • Applying perfume on clean bodies and clothes.



  1. List two causes of body odour.
  2. Mention three things a girl must do to stay hygienic during menstruation.
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