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Meal service is the process of presenting cooked food in an orderly and attractive way to the individual who are going to eat. More than one dish can be served at a mal.

Types of Meal Service

  • Kitchen service: It is the service that requires little preparation and serving of the food in the kitchen. Food is served directly from the cooking pot into the plates. The meal may be eaten in the kitchen or taken to the dining table. Kitchen service is easy and simple. It doesn’t require specific space, many plates as well as cutlery.
  • Tray service: It is a method of serving and presenting meals in a tray. All the food and cutleries are gathered and arranged neatly in a tray and served. Each tray is set for a meal for one, A tray can be set for more than one for tea. Tray service is used when people do not want to eat on the dinning table, when serving tea or sick people in bed.
  • Table service: Here dinning table and chair is provided. Plate and cutlery are set according to the types of meals served. The dishes are laid on the table after people are seated. The waiter may also bring the dishes. It is often used when a meal is made up of many dishes., many people or groups are to be served, the family is large, among others.

Materials Needed For setting or Laying a Table

  • Table cloth
  • Plate mats
  • Side plate
  • Cutlery include serving spoon, fork, desert spoon, soup spoon, cruet set, flower vase, water jug, table knife, drinking glass, carving knife, desert fork, etc
  • Serving plate

Importance of Meal Service

Meal service is important because it put some good orders in the way people sit to eat. The set table improves the appetite.



  1. List the three types of meal service.
  2. What is table service?
  3. Name five materials needed for laying a table.
  4. Mention four types of cutlery
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