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Puberty is the growth stage when a boy or girl is crossing from childhood to manhood or womanhood. It is the beginning of adulthood, it starts from age 9 or 13.

Maturity is the stage when a boy or girl must have reached a state of complete development.

Signs of Puberty

Certain changes begins to show in girls or boys when they reach the age of puberty or maturity.

Signs in Girls

  • The breast begins to grow. Brassier are needed to support the growing breast as time goes on.
  • Hairs growth on the armpit and the lower part of the body.
  • Blood flows through the vagina for some days every month

Signs in Boys

  • Hair grow on the armpit and in the lower part of the body.
  • The voice breaks and gets deeper.
  • Hair may start to grow on the face like the chin, upper lips, or cheek.
  • He starts to have strong smell due to the odour of sweat in the growing hair.

Implication of Boys/Girls Relationship

During puberty, boys and girls like to mix and play together. Matured boys and girls must avoid sexual intercourse because when a girl starts menstruating, she can get pregnant.


Reasons Boys and girls Must Avoid Sexual Intercourse

  • It can result in teenage pregnancy. The body of the young girl is not developed well for pregnancy and safe baby delivery.
  • Teenage pregnancy at delivery can damage other organs of the body.
  • Prolonged labour that may lead to operation may be experienced by the young pregnant girl.
  • The boy and the girl may contract sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) like gonorrhea, Syphilis and HIV/AIDS.

Menstrual Cycle

As earlier noted above, one of the sign of puberty in girls is that blood flows through the vagina for some days. The flow of blood from the vagina is called menstruation. A girl must keep herself and dress clean during this period. A girl should use a good sanitary pad to prevent her dress from blood stain. She must change the sanitary pad regularly. She should at least take her bath twice a day. She should wash immediately any stained pants and dresses.


  1. What is puberty?
  2. What is maturity?
  3. Mention signs of puberty in a girl.
  4. Mention signs of puberty in a boy.
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