God Reveals Himself to Us

God reveals Himself to us

  1. Purpose of God’s revelation.
  2. Mode of revelation.


God reveals Himself to us

God reveals himself to us in many ways to direct us in lives journey. God can call us anytime and reveal Himself to us.


Purpose of God’s revelation

  1. To comfort us.
  2. To inform us about what will happen in future.
  3. To give us instructions.
  4. To warn us about what will happen.




Mode of revelation

Below are various ways in which God can reveal himself to us:

  1. He can reveal himself to us in dreams.
  2. He can reveal himself to us in vision.
  3. He can reveal Himself to us through audible voice or face to face.


Moral lessons

  1. God wants us to be holy to reveal Himself to us.
  2. God wants us to prepare all the time to receive His revelation.


Quiz activities

  1. Mention any two modes that God can use to reveal himself to us.

ANSWER: Through dreams, through vision.



  1. What are the purposes of God’s revelation?

ANSWER: (a) to give us instructions (b)to comfort us (c)to warn us about what will happen.




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