God Speaks to Us

God speaks to us

God speaks to us in many ways. God can speak to us in our dreams, He can speak to us through people like our teachers, friends, parents etc. He can speak to us through vision and he can also speak to us through audible voice or face to face.

God spoke to (a) Moses (b) Samuel through audible voice/ face to face.


God speaks to Moses (exodus 33:11)


God speaks to Moses on several occasions face to face to guide and lead him closely.

The Lord speaks to Moses face to face, not by angel, not by a dream or vision but in real visible appearance clearly in plain words.

“Thus, the Lord used to speak to Moses face to face, as a man speaks to his friends.” Exodus 33: 11a.


God speaks to Samuel (1 Samuel 3)

God also spoke to little Samuel through audible voice during the period when there was no frequent vision. When God called Samuel, he thought it was Eli who called him, and he went to Eli three times. By the third time, Eli told him how to answer and listen to God. So, Samuel went back to lie down, and the Lord spoke to him and gave him the message.

“And the Lord came and stood forth calling as at other times, Samuel! Samuel!” And Samuel said, ” speak for thy servant hears”. Then, the Lord said to Samuel, “Behold, I am about to do a thing in Israel, at which the two ears of everyone that hears it will tingle”. 1 Samuel 3: 10-11


Purpose of God speaking to us

God speaks to us for different reasons, as listed here:

  1. God speaks to us to reveal his purposes.

2.God speaks to us to give us instruction.

  1. God speaks to us to warn us.

4.God speaks to us to be part of his work.


Moral lesson

God wants us to know that he can also speak to little children like us.

God wants us to listen to Him whenever He speaks to us.


Quiz activities

  1. Can God speak to little children?

ANSWER: Yes, God speaks to little children too.


  1. What message did God give to Samuel?
  2. List any three ways God can speak to us.
  3. List any four people in the Bible that God spoke with face to face.


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