Jesus Gives His Life for Us on the Cross

Jesus gives His life for us on the cross

  1. Reasons for Jesus giving His life for us.
  2. It was God’s will.
  3. He came for that purpose.
  4. He loved the world. John 15:13-14




Jesus gives His life for us on the cross

Jesus gives His life for us on the cross for my sins and your sins. Jesus was beaten and humiliated for us.


Reasons why Jesus gave His life for us

  1. It was God’s will: Because God loves us so much, it was part of His plan that Jesus will die for us on the cross in order that we may have eternal life.


  1. He came for that purpose: Jesus came to this world to redeem us from sin and total condemnation.


  1. He loved the world John 15:13: Jesus gives His life for us because of the greater love he has for us.

Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down His life for His friend.”


Moral lessons

  1. God wants us to know the greater love Jesus has for us.
  2. God wants us to praise and thank Jesus for laying down His life for us.




Quiz activities

1.Whay did Jesus lay His life for us on the cross?

          Answer: It is God’s will, because He loves us, He came for that purpose



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