Accidents in The School

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Accidents are bad events that happen suddenly and it could lead to injury, damage or death.

Accidents may happen at home or in the school.

Types of Accidents in the School

  1. Cuts: we may get wounded when we are not careful with sharp objects
  2. Falls: we may fall down from stair cases, when we are not careful
  3. Electric shocks: when we play near naked electric wire, we can get hurt.
  4. We may also get injuries in the school while playing

How to Prevent Accidents in the School

  1. We should not play with sharp instruments
  2. We should avoid climbing trees or roofs.
  3. We should ensure that thee is no naked wire around
  4. Pupils should be guided during sports time by their teachers.
  5. All the things that may cause dangers should be removed. E.g knives, sticks, broken bottles, banana peel etc.

What to do When Accidents Happen in School

  1. Report to the teachers or any elders person around you.
  2. The teacher may apply first aid ion the injury
  3. The victim may be taken to the hospital
  4. Whatever has caused the accident should be looked into either by removing or repairing it.
  5. The parents should be told.



  1. Is it good to play with sharp objects? (yes/ no )
  2. Accidents should be reported immediately to the teachers (yes/ no)
  3. Accidents victims are given ———– (first aid/ second aid)
  4. Accidents victims are taken to the ———– (hospital/ church)


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