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Drug Abuse: Meaning and Effects of Overdose -

Drug Abuse: Meaning and Effects of Overdose

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Drug abuse is the misuse of medicine or drugs. When we use medicines or drugs without the advice of a doctor, pharmacists or a health official. It is drug abuse.

Drug abuse is the harmful use of drugs. When you take drugs more than the doctors prescribed, we say it is overdosed of drugs.


When we involve ourselves in drug abuse, some of the bad effects are:

  1. Mental problems

2. Increase in crime

3. Dropping out of school

4. Addiction

5. Death



  1. Drug abuse is the ————- use of drugs (good, harmful, effects)
  2. Answers Yes or No to the following statements
  3. Always avoid bad friends who take hard drugs ————-
  4. Take only drugs given to you by your doctor —————
  5. A drug abuser can commit suicide —————————-

Always avoid self- medication ———————————-


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