Water, Sources and Qualities of Good Water

Hi, trust you are doing good today. You are about to see the various sources of water.

So, do well to listen.

Water is a colourless liquid substance that is important or vital in our everyday activities.

Sources of water

Water can be obtained from different sources: natural source and artificial source.

Natural sources of water: these sources exist in nature, i.e are God- made. For Example:




Pond                                                                                                        River


Spring                                                                                     Stream


Lake                                                                                                                  Sea

Qualities of good water

  1. It has no taste
  2. It has no colour
  3. It does not contain solid or dissolved particles
  4. It has no odour
  5. Good water boils at 1000C



  1. Good water has no —————, —————— and —————
  2. Mention any 4 sources of a clean water

Hope you enjoyed the lesson. In the next class, we will discuss the uses of water.

Till then, stay cheerful.

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