Harmful Substances

Harmful substances are food, water, fruits or drugs that are not good to be take in food. Food, water and drugs that are bad are not good for consumption because they can cause illness or disease.

Harmful substances can be taken into the body through: eating, drinking and smoking.

Examples of harmful substances

  1. Rotten fruits

2. Unripe Fruits

3. Stale food

4. Poorly cooked foods

5. Dirty water

Ways of preventing intake of harmful substances

We can avoid for prevent the intake of harmful substances by avoiding

  1. Eating of stale food
  2. Eating of poorly cooked food
  3. Drinking of dirty water
  4. Eating of infected foods
  5. Taking of expired drugs
  6. Eating of unripe fruits.
  7. Alcohol


Effects of taking harmful substances

  1. Headache

2. Stomach ache

3. Cholera

4. Death


  1. Mention three ways of taking harmful substances into the body? ————-, —————, ———-
  2. What do you understand by harmful substances?
  3. List examples of harmful substances that you know.



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