Meaning of Security, Sources and Dangers of Insecurity

Hello! How are you today? In today’s class, we will be discussing about security.

Security means the state of being safe. It means safety. It also means the measure of being safe or protected. Insecurity can cause anxiety and restlessness among people.


  1. Walking alone in the dark

2. Suspicious people around our homes can cause robbery

3. Bombing

4. Rape, this is mainly suffered by women

5. Terrorism



  1. A form of insecurity mainly suffered by women is ———— rape, bombing, fire)
  2. Avoid walking alone in the ———–(light, dark, school)
  3. Suspicious people around our homes can cause ———— (sickness, robbery, development)
  4. ———– is a major source of insecurity in modern times (drumming, bombing, blowing)
  5. ———– causes anxiety, and restlessness among people (insecurity, love, peace)

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