Keeping Our Environment Clean

Hello. Trust enjoyed the previous lesson. We will be looking at how we can keep our environment clean.

It is important to keep our environment clean. A clean environment helps people to live a healthy life. We can keep our environment clean in many ways. Clean surroundings do not smell. A clean

What we can do to keep our environment clean?

  1. Cleaning the bush around our house
  2. Cleaning the gutter and drainage

3. Sweeping the compound and our rooms

4. Washing the toilet and bathroom

5. Burning of refuse

6. Cleaning the house regularly

Materials we can keep our environment clean

  1. Broom

2. Mop

3. Detergent

4. Cobweb remover

5. Clean water

6. Clean cloth/ napkin

7. Disinfectant

8. Floor brush

9. Cutlass/hoes/rake etc.



  1. What are the ways to keep our environment clean?
  2. What are the materials we can use to keep our environment clean





  1. Answer Yes or No to the following statements
  2. Living in a clean environment helps us to save money———
  3. Hoe is use for cooking ————–
  4. We must always wash the toilet —————
  5. A dirty environment can promote our health.————
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