Meaning and Types of Family

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In today’s class, you will learn about the meaning and types of family.

Family is a group of people who are related by blood. The family is an important social institution of the society. Without the family, there cannot be the society. This is because we come from different families where we live to form the society.

Living together in the family has many advantages.

  1. The family protects its members from diseases and illnesses by taking care of themselves
  2. The family makes its members happy by providing the basic needs of life. A happy family is one in which the father, mother and children interact together, pray together and eat together.
  3. Parents provide the house to live in, clothes for the children and food to eat.


There are two types of family. They are Nuclear ad Extended family.

Nuclear family: This consists of the father, mother and their child or children


Extended family consists of father, mother, children, grandparents, uncle, aunts etc.



  1. The nuclear family consist of ——————, ——————- and ———
  2. Mention any 3 family members that comprises the extended family




  1. Family is a group of people related by —————


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