Greetings and Showing Respect to Elders

Hi. It is another time to learn, and today we will be learning different ways to greet and show respect to elders.

Greetings is a part of our culture. It is a way of showing respect of people. People who greet each other learn to tolerate each other.

Children in different ethnic groups shows respect to their elders in different ways.  Children who greet elders are good children. Greetings promotes good neighborliness.

There are different forms of showing respect. Among the Yoruba group,  the male child shows respect by prostrating to the elders while the female child shows respect by kneeling down.

Shaking of hands is another form of greeting



  1. Greeting is part of our ——— (culture, book, health)
  2. —————– is a way of showing respect to people (laughing, singing, greeting)
  3. Among the Yoruba people, girls greet their parents by ———- (clapping, kneeling, dancing)
  4. Children who greet elders are ———— (poor, bad, good)
  5. Boys greet their teachers by ————— (kneeling, bowing, shaking of hands)

See you in the next lesson.

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