Causes of Drowning

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Causes of Drowning 

causes of drowning

Drowning is described as death caused by suffocation when water or other liquid fills the lungs.

Drowning accidents can be prevented with precautions such as life jacket use and child supervision around water. 

Let’s take a look at the most common causes of drowning and how to prevent these situations.

  • Lack Of Swimming Ability

The most common cause of drowning is not knowing how to swim. Many adults and children will attempt to get into the water without proper swim training. Formal water safety and swimming lessons under the supervision of a lifeguard can dramatically decrease the risk of drowning.

  • No Barriers Around The Pool

A four-sided fence separating the pool area from the house and yard reduces a child’s risk of drowning.

While installing a fence may not be cheap, it is certainly worth the life of a child. According to regulations, fences should have a locking mechanism and be tall enough to prevent wandering children from entering the pool area.

  • Lack Of Supervision

Drowning can happen anywhere there is water. It is important to never leave a child unattended in or near a bathtub, pool, pond, or even a bucket of water. There should always be a lifeguard on duty or a competent supervising adult. 

Also, whether you are old enough or not, never swim alone and follow the 10/20 rule: scan the area every 10 seconds and always be able to reach the water within 20 seconds.

  • Failure To Wear Life Jackets

According to research, 72% of boating deaths that occurred during 2010 were caused by drowning, with 88% of victims not wearing life jackets. When boating, you should always have enough life jackets – adult and child-sized – for every person on the boat. Life jackets should be readily accessible and in good shape. It is best to insist everyone wear a life jacket at all times. You never know when an accident could occur.

  • Alcohol Use

Alcohol use is involved in about 70% of water-related deaths among adolescents and adults. Alcohol affects the balance, coordination, judgment, and basic motor skills. 

In summary, one’s ability to swim may be severely limited under the influence of alcohol, and they may not be able to accurately judge how long or how far they can swim. 

Swimmers should avoid drinking alcohol before or during swimming, boating, or other water activities.

Lifeguards should also not drink alcohol while supervising children!


 What is Drowning?


Reading Assignment

Explain five causes of Drowning


Weekend Assignment

Explain five ways to prevent drowning 


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