Life Saving

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In today’s Physical and Health Education class, we will be learning about Life Saving

Life Saving

life saving

Because life is without replacement and must not be handled anyhow, especially when dealing with water where the amount of oxygen required to keep breathing may not be accessible, the concept of life saving comes in. 

Life saving involves the measures put in place to ensure safety during swimming. 

We previously learned that swimming is a great workout because you need to move your whole body against the resistance of the water.

As much as swimming is considered a great activity for the mind and body, measures must be put in place to save lives. Some of these measures includes having a life saver at pools and the equipment used when swimming such as: 

  • Goggles


Goggles protect your eyes from chlorine (and anything else that may be in the water), and they help you keep your eyes open while you swim so that you can see where you’re going. You can even get prescription swim goggles if you wear glasses.

  • Bathing caps

bathing caps

Bathing caps can serve several purposes. Some pool managers will require individuals with long hair to wear caps to keep hair from getting into the pool, and some people just like to protect their hair from the chlorine in the water. You may also decide to wear a bathing cap to cut down on resistance in the water. This really works, and so if you’re looking to increase your time a bit, a bathing cap might help. Choose the one that fits your head and is most comfortable.

  • Floatation Devices

life saving

There are a number of flotation devices and other equipment available to help you learn how to swim, improve your swimming times if you start to get competitive, and add resistance to your water workouts to build muscular strength and tone. 

Flotation devices help keep you afloat so that you can slow down and work on your swim stroke without sinking or causing too much fatigue, and they help with confidence for individuals who don’t know how to swim.

  • Kickboards


Kickboards are devices made of foam or other materials that float, and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The main purpose is for you to hold on and stay afloat while your legs do all the work. It’s good exercise for coordinating your kicking, and it gives your arms a rest.

In summary, while having fun and relaxing the body and mind, the concept of life saving emphasizes the importance of life. Life saving ensures you protect yourself and stay away from harm while involved in swimming activities.



Explain the concept of Life Saving 


Reading Assignment

What is  the equipment used as protection when swimming?


Weekend Assignment

Give five importance to the Life Saving concept. 


We hope you enjoyed today’s class. In our next class, we will be learning about Causes of Drowning 

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