Safety Precautions During Track And Fields

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In today’s Physical and Health Education class, we will be learning about Safety Precautions During Athletics Track And Field

Safety Precautions During Athletics Track And Field

safety precautions

Irrespective of the sporting activity one is involved in, being able to carry each task out without accidents should come first. Safety is an important concept not just in Sports but in every aspect of our lives. 

In Track and Field events, safety is described as those measures put in place to protect athletes and prevent them from getting into accidents. 

Here are some safety rules that are put in place in Track and Field:

  • Athletes must wear appropriate clothing and shoes – jewelry removed or protected (studs)
  • In horizontal jumps see that:
    • run-up areas are dry and clear of foreign objects
    • no-jump indicator board recesses are safely blocked out
    • athletes’ footwear and protection are adequate
    • platforms for skill work are large enough and strong enough for their purpose
    • other athletes do not encroach onto the runway when in use
    • A proper cover sheet should cover all landing areas (high jump, pole vault). Size and density should be adequate for the use to which they are being put (that is heavier jumpers and those landing from greater heights require the thickest protection, while those of inconsistent or long flight parabolas need the greatest area)
    • elastic cross bars used in training lessen the risk of injury and improve confidence – ensure uprights do not topple if the athlete lands on the elastic crossbar
    • do not use triangular crossbars for ‘floppers’
    • fiber-glass vaulting poles break if misused, therefore always protect the distant end with a proper pole ‘bung’, hold it correctly, i.e. with the outside of its natural bend top-left (at 11 o’clock or 300°) in the plant position. Avoid dropping it (arrange for people to catch it after the vault). Do not leave it lying about outside its tube for people to step on. Always use a pole of the correct strength, according to the weight of the athlete using it and the amount of force that he can put into it. A pole bending more than 90° is being overstressed. Do not use a fiber-glass pole where there is an old-fashioned box with a vertical back.

Throwing Events

  • Cage is safe and cage doors appropriately set
  • Discus, Shot, Hammer throwing circles are dry and clear of foreign objects
  • Javelin run up dry and clear of foreign objects
  • Throwing implements fit for purpose
  • Never stand in front of the thrower
  • Never stand in the cage with a thrower
  • Never throw towards anyone – therefore the thrower must look to ensure that the landing area is clear before throwing
  • Never run with a javelin or run to collect it
  • Never collect the implement until all have thrown, then collect together
  • Always carry javelins vertically, point down in front of you
  • Always push the javelin into a vertical position, then pull it vertically from the ground

In summary, Coaches should additionally ensure that implements are well maintained and stored appropriately. They should also ensure that the cages, surfaces and rims of throwing circles are safe.

Throwing areas should be roped off so that others cannot encroach into the throwing area.



What is Safety in Track and Field?


Reading Assignment

Explain five Safety rules in Track and Field


Weekend Assignment

Explain the importance of safety in Sports. 


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